Dear Parents,
Our Vision is to enable, encourage and challenge every student to initiate the lifelong pursuit of learning by providing a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment based on our seven principles

  • Sound health and balanced diet
  • Academics beyond excellence
  • Effective communication skills
  • Career building and preparation for outside competitions
  • Scientific aptitude
  • International exposure and holistic development

We are sure that with your support, we can achieve the goal. We welcome you to BLACK DIAMOND PUBLIC SCHOOL and are delighted to have you in our family.


  • To introduce the child to the joys of learning through companionship and recreational activities.
  • To stimulate and satisfy the child’s curiosity about his environment and provide opportunity to discover and explore with hands-on material.
  • To develop the child’s ability to express his thoughts and feeling in a fluent language and in a confident manner.
  • To orient the child to develop self confidence, self dependability, honesty and social skill through group interaction
  • To inculcate good habits, social manners and etiquettes among children.
  • To enlarge the mental horizons and broaden the outlook of the children.

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